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10 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods 2017

Looking for the best grain-free dog food for your pooch? Great! We can help you find one. Before we highlight the top brands, however, we want to start by reminding you that not every dog requires a grain-free diet. Our guide will help you understand when a grain-free diet is appropriate for dogs. If you […]

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10 Best Senior Dog Foods 2017

Dogs enjoying their golden years certainly don’t have the same nutritional requirements that they had as young pups. Joints need a little extra help to stay strong, lighter formulas with less fat will help prevent them from becoming overweight from being less active and a little more fiber to help keep things moving in the […]

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10 Best Dog Foods for Large Breeds 2017

Large breed dog owners have many different things to take into consideration when determining which company makes the best large breed dog food for their super-sized friend. Age, weight, activity level, health problems and allergies all play an important role in the food selection process, so if you’re wondering what is the best dog food […]

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Best Dog Food for Pitbulls 2017

Trying to create the right diet plan for your Pitbull and finding it a bit difficult? We can’t blame you. The pet food industry has exploded with choices, so understandably your search has lead you to a variety of resources about dog food. As a proud Pitbull owner, we’re here to help you narrow down […]

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10 Best Puppy Foods 2017

What do you look for when you compare and contrast puppy food brands? How do you know if the one you’re buying is the best puppy food for your furry little friend? Since there are so many choices and your priority is to choose the right one to ensure that your puppy has a healthy, […]

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Best Dog Food for Yorkies 2017

If you’re a Yorkie owner or if you’re thinking about getting one, there are definitely some serious things to consider when it comes to their diet. Yorkie puppies have different needs than Yorkie adults, so we’ll recommended some dog food brands that many Yorkie owners have already had great success with. As many dog owners […]

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